13-day straight TORNADO devastation in US

Reptilians’ houses were targeted. They have so many luxurious but unnecessary items such as more cars than the number of drivers and 2 jet sky kind of toys only Reptilians can afford because they can get FREE money from Government, or they can create FREE money out of thin air such as inputting any digits on their bank account in order to enslave human population. Those privileged Reptilians have agreement with Government so that they can get FREE money without working at all.

Reptilians usually live in remote area with large acreage. They form their own exclusive community. The properties around their community are usually NOT for sale for human.

Reptilians worship Satan. They love to wear clothes with satanic symbols.

Even though all the tattoo people are NOT Reptilians, but they have tendency to have tattoos and pierce on their bodies as proof of demons.

In the small rural Reptilian community, all the people are Reptilians including police officers. If you stray into their community, you might feel the strangeness. Then you had better get out as soon as possible because those areas are not under normal US laws because those Reptilians are ABOVE THE LAW.

Generally, the population of Reptilians on the Earth are around 10~15% of whole population. If you like it or not, they are the rulers of the Earth, and they made the history of the Earth.

Yes, they need human blood in order to stay in human shape. They also eat human meat. They kill 300,000 human children every year in US, but they have never been arrested because they are ABOVE THE LAW.

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