Galactic Federation of Light on Memorial Day

Galactic Federation of Light and all the ascended masters want people on the Earth to know all the people killed during WWI and WWII have been already reincarnated on the Earth. Therefore, there is no need to contribute those dead people who have been already reincarnated and alive around you. They might be your grand kids or somebody else’s kids.

Celebrating about the war remnants create Low Vibration on the Earth because those dead people are NOT in their graves. Those celebration creates division among people like enemies and enemy countries.

Remember REPTILIAN AUTHORITY uses “Divide & Conquer” scheme in order to control human population. They also beautify wars & war heroes so that they can create wars easily.

REPTILIAN AUTHORITY put so many flags to honor dead war hero on their graves where those souls have been left from their grave long time ago and have been already reincarnated on the Earth.

The Christianity operated by REPTILIAN AUTHORITY does not teach you about reincarnation, the recycling souls whose bodies are dead. Only getting out of reincarnation is ascending, graduating 3rd dimension.

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