PFAS chemicals Contamination spread from US Air Force Base

The toxins, collectively known as PFAS, have caused rampant pollution on military installations, something the Department of Defense has known about for decades but routinely failed to disclose. Now the state’s dairy industry is ground zero in an unprecedented crisis. For the first time ever, PFAS is threatening the U.S. food supply.

They have poisoned the groundwater on at least 121 U.S. military installations, the DOD disclosed in 2018. Several of those sites are located in New Mexico.

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I tell you this is the system failure. This system on the Earth is complete failure. Illuminati with military wants to destroy this Earth before End Time coming.

This system and world have to end soon. It is right decision for Galactic Federation of Light to end this world. The longer this world stays, the longer people have to suffer.

End Time is coming soon, maybe in Spring Equinox? Time left is really short so you had better prepare for it.

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