Galactic Federation of Light cleaned up Reptilian Underground Base around London

It is rare to see 2 quakes hit around London. Of course, those locations are the locations of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

One was at Gatwick Airport. Wherever there is an airport, there is Reptilian Secret Underground Base just like notorious Denver International Airport.

Another quake hit around Lemington Spa Hot Springs. This kind of expensive resort only rich people (=Reptilians) has, of course, Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

A Reptilian guy who can disguise as human in Japan told me that those Reptilians who are indigenous to the Earth and evolved from dinosaurs can get unlimited amount of money from government, or they can create their money (probably putting any digits on their bank account).

They have chip implanted around their front neck. Of course, they can recognize each other because of the chip implanted on their bodies. Because of the chip implanted, they can shape-shift into human figure.

Their life on the surface of the Earth is enjoying their life by going to expensive resorts and restaurants using the FAKE money they created without working. They do not need to work because they can get unlimited money from government, or they can create money freely themselves.

He usually stay in their secret underground city just under the underground factory of Yamazaki Mazak in Gifu especially during cold winter. He said that underground factory was said to keep quality production, but the reality is that underground factory is the part of Reptilian Secret Underground cities and bases in Japan.

He told me that they eat human children, and they cannot quit eating because human children have been their food for thousands of years.

He also mentioned those Reptilians evolved from dinosaurs, and they are indigenous to the Earth. They are completely different from those Illuminati Reptilians who have come from some other planets such as Draco Star System or Orion Star System. Those Reptilians told them to join to dominate and control or even kill most of humans on the Earth. But they refused to cooperate with them.

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