Chemotherapy = Injection of Mustard Gas

The severe effects of mustard gas in WWI

Mustard gas was used by Nazi during WWII in order to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible. Now the same mustard gas has been used to kill cancer patients.

Can you imagine mustard gas is injected into your blood vessels directly? Mustard gas can badly burn your skin.

But in a hospital where human experiments are rampant, they inject you that mustard gas into your blood vessels directly!

No wonder so many people have been killed by being injected mustard gas called Chemotherapy. Probably much more people have been killed by Chemotherapy with mustard gas injection than soldiers burnt and killed by mustard gas weapon during WWII.

Of course, those doctors will not tell you Chemotherapy is the injection of mustard gas because they are Money Slaves of Reptilian World Government = Illuminati.

Mustard gas – from the Great War to frontline chemotherapy

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Forgotten Lessons: The Return of Mustard Gas

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